Fresno Gets It! (Do You?)

The Fresno County Supervisor Henry Perea says “Does this make sense anymore?” referring to acreage outside of Fresno that was slated to become more suburban sprawl. But given the economy and urban growth patterns favoring cities, we have to agree with Perea when he says “doesn’t it make more sense to put the land back into ag?”

Yes! Because building a suburban means the city is paying more for water and power and fire and police and spreading all those resources thin. There’s a perfectly good city at the center where people can live, work, create, worship, etc. and et al

I’m glad to see Fresno Gets IT!

Fresno has been experiencing a big urban revitalization movement. Follow it on Facebook!


2 thoughts on “Fresno Gets It! (Do You?)

  1. The SEGA proposal employs some good urban design. It demonstrates great “forward” thinking to have public transit and commercial and retail and within walking distance from residential. It’s like SEGA is building a real city.
    This is great.
    Except, you have a real city. And one with a dire need to relocate the population of fresno into the downtown core. There’s plenty of opportunity to do that. But instead, they want to build a new one.
    I had a small fan that sat atop my desk. It quit working one day; It burned out or something. And I thought, I’ll toss it out and buy a new one from target. They’re like 5.99. But I saved it, at first for the cord, but then I decided to take it apart and see what’s what. Guess what? I fixed it. It works now. 5.99 now going to local coffee shop instead of target.
    I feel like SEGA is the throw it away and buy a new one at target option when it comes to Fresno’s options for smart growth. You have a downtown with all the benefits listed in the SEGA proposal. But the current downtown is dirty and riddled with homeless. so it is kinda viewed as gross. why not just build a new one? just a little bit over there.
    It’d be a shame if you care about Fresno less than I care about a 5.99 fan from target.

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