If it quacks like a duck, it’s probably…

No, I do not like.

Is this a State University? Or State Penitentiary?

C’mon people, why would you ever want to go to school like this? Or build a school like this?  What is this building? There are no windows! No doors!  Couldn’t you at least hang a basketball hoop on the side to make some kind of use of all that flat pavement? Some acknowledgement that a human person might exist within the same world as this building?

Isn’t this what you want when you go to college?  Isn’t this what every student thinks of and every college like to think of itself AS?

If you’re not into the whole classic thing, you can still go modern while tipping your hat to the fact that you are an institution of thought and philosophy:

This is sleek and modern but still recognizes people want to exist within the realm.  To sit and relax on the grass, to walk and ride to class, to see out of whatever class they are in.

Even a college for fast food has the dignity and self-respect to build a university that acknowledges the hopes and ideals of the individuals within.  (Arches, windows, doors, trees giving off the sense of columns, etc)


2 thoughts on “If it quacks like a duck, it’s probably…

  1. It should be pointed out that the most prominent feature of In-n-Out University is it’s parking lot. I don’t see anyone walking or riding a bike there. But I suppose if you aren’t driving, you have no business working at a drive thru restaurant anyways.

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