The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

A friend of mine sent me this video the other day (mainly for it’s similarities to this comedic gem). It’s the intro to a French TV documentary about the city of Los Angeles, and it perfectly relates a number of the problems inherent in sprawl based development. The only problem is, this is a film from 1969. Here we are 43 years later, not only still facing these same problems (sprawling development, auto dependence, alienation from our neighbors, class segregation), but in most cases, still only marginally aware (at best) that there are any problems.

“The people of Los Angeles love to think that they live in the city of the future, but it is rather a city of the present incarnation of past times, and as a consequence, the very thing that unknowingly empties our cities once the outskirts begin to grow. If you would like to know what the outskirts of Paris, London, or even Moscow will soon look like, what their problems will be, what is waiting for us, threatening us, you must go to Los Angeles.”



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