Pastry Walk: The B-sides

If you aren’t inspired to be an early riser by the delicious Fonuts.  Why not join the Pastry Walk midway?

Join us at Susina at about 11:15am, come with us to Sycamore Kitchen,

and then continue on your own to Graffiti: Sublime Coffee

for pastries made by Bouchon Bakery and Cake Monkey

and probably the most spacious coffee shop you’ll ever have seen!

Also, they now serve Fonuts here.  So you can get your fonuts donuts afterall!

Graffiti Sublime Coffee

180 S La Brea

Los Angeles CA 90036



Then continue walking south on La Brea to THE La Brea Bakery

La Brea Bakery

624 S La Brea

Los Angeles 90036

Pick up a loaf to bring home with you from the original La Brea Bakery.



Four stops, less walking, later start: it might be the perfect thing for you!


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