Tom LaBonge: The Bicyclists’ Councilman

Tom LaBonge on the outcome of the NBCUniversal Expansion:

I have long supported a bike path along the Los Angeles River from
Canoga Park on south through the City of Los Angeles, and I have asked
NBC Universal to fund the design of a bike path along the county
portion of the river. This bike path must become a reality. Yesterday,
NBC Universal heard us loud and clear, announcing it would contribute
nearly $4 million for bike path improvements.

I was also able to obtain funding for neighborhood protection,
specifically for Hollywood Knolls, Toluca Lake, Cahuenga Pass, and
adjacent neighborhoods, funding for Campo de Cahuenga, the Los Angeles
Zoo, and Travel Town, and funding support for the completion of
Community Design Overlay Districts for Toluca Lake, Campo de Cahuenga,
and Lankershim.

Yay! A bike lane!


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