New Study Reveals What You Already Knew!

A new study in NYC proved that road redesign creates a boom small businesses.

Read the report here!

We wrote about this in our blog about road diets. “Our streets are fat and they’re making us fat”

Which also touted the health and safety benefits:  When you walk to the store, the park, the cafe, you burn more calories and less oil.

But it also has a great economic impact on small businesses!

For too long we have assumed that our stores need more traffic so we catered to easing traffic congestion.  But cars don’t spend money, people spend money.  We need to build to the human scale. It’s humans who spend money. Cars cost money.  It costs a lot to fill up the tank, get an oil change, insure, clean, and register your vehicle.  All of those expenses take away from the money your customer base has to spend on your goods and services.

If you are a business owner in LA, you can ask the DOT to put a bike rack in front of your business! Click here to read our blog: Get a Rack!

Here’s a short video chronicling a road diet project in Portland.  The before and after footage is stunning.


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