Our Embassies are Ugly

Check out this piece that aired on all things considered:

Our Embassies are Ugly

Our newest Sec of State John Kerry said “We’re building some of the ugliest embassies I’ve ever seen”  Check out this episode of All Things Considered about the importance of designing our embassies to walk the tight rope of form v function.  Build them to be safe or to invoke our national values?

Here is the wikipedia entry about U.S. Embassies with a handy list including pictures.  Interesting to compare the buildings.  Which is your favorite?  Which is your vote for eyesore of the month?

Here is one of my favorites from the wikipedia page:
bridgetown embassyWould you go here for help?  Would you look to it for help? Or uphold its ideals?  It kinda reminded me of the menacing Elsinore Brewery from Strange Brew:

It also kinda reminded me of the Amazon.com headquarters in Seattle.  But when I looked up the photo of the building, it turns out amazon.com has a better headquarters.


Here is another embassy.  Looks more like what one would expect.  If we are going to export democracy, what do you want your outpost to look like?  Should it look like the white house? Or a bunker?



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