In downtown Los Angeles, buildings get caught up in the Hollywood Dream

I did a lot of bike riding in downtown Los Angeles this week.  I couldn’t help but notice a unique element of the downtown blight in Los Angeles.

“Film Here” Signs.  All over! Almost every seemingly abandoned warehouse, factory, hotel, office building, had a sign on it that advertised its location to the movie industry.

One of the unique things about Los Angeles is the movie industry.  It’s what brings millions of young and old actors and actresses, and directors, writer, etc. here to LA.  The dream of being a part of “The Industry.”

A cliche of this industry is the washed up actor.  The person in “arrested development”  not growing up, but chasing the dream.  To be in pictures.  And with a commercial here, and an acting gig here, they get by for a long time without having to define themselves.  It is a criticism. And it is not always right.

But I wonder if this applies to downtowns and buildings as well.  If you could get a movie to film in your location for just one day, you could probably pay your month’s bills with just that one day!  (Movies pay a lot of locations.)

If we can get “Hollywood” to film in our city, they’d bring in so much money.  The thinking goes.  Is that not the same thinking as the actor, never developing a viable career, just stringing himself along on the dream?

I wish there were a way we could force these buildings to open real businesses. Rather than sit dormant, idly waiting for the movie industry to pump life into them.


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