Yes on Yesayan

I couldn’t be more excited to endorse Erik Yesayan for City Council.


Erik attended our film festival on urban planning. He’s in the background here talking with Diego Cardoso the director of planning for Metro.

I first met Erik through a workshop on designing bike lanes.  We chatted about our book group and he was enthusiastic and supportive.  He recommended several books which the group later read and discussed.

Erik was also very supportive of our efforts to produce the film festival.  Again he was a wealth of knowledge, suggesting several films and speakers.  He even attended the event and presented the cult classic film “Reyner Banham Loves Los Angeles.”

Erik’s enthusiasm for supporting communities is contagious. He is consistently upbeat and eager to learn and reexamine issues.

Erik leads walking tours of Downtown Los Angeles and Glendale.

He’s also incredibly talented in the area of urban planning and public policy and has served Glendale for years on its planning commission as well as being involved in advocacy groups such as Walk Bike Glendale.

I mean, so he’s bonafide. But to us, we think it is pretty cool that he stopped to get to know us, encourage us, and participate in our event.

Support Erik’s Campaign for City Council! 

Erik is a founding member of Walk Bike Glendale. Here he is on a ride with a bunch of other folks in front of him.


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