Enabling Communities to Build Their Own Plazas

Great article on Tactical Urbanism projects being adopted by municipalities, evaluating advantages and disadvantages.


PeopleStPlaza LADOT People St. North Hollywood Plaza (peoplest.lacity.org)

All over the country more and more cities are catching on to the idea that public space can be created quickly and cheaply; expensive master plans are becoming a thing of the past. Typically a community partner—a business improvement district or non-profit community organization—can apply through the municipality to transform an excessive roadway into a public space. They are usually seen in the form of a parklet, a parking space repurposed as a park, or a larger pedestrian-only plaza on underutilized areas of the street. The city usually has design guidelines and requires the community to take care of the cost and maintenance. In San Francisco it’s called ‘Pavement to Parks,’ in New York City it is ‘Street Seats’ or simply the ‘NYC Plaza Program’ and in Los Angeles it is called the ‘People St. Program.’ Chicago, Philadelphia, and D.C. are just a…

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