Kids and Metro

Another great article from the Hoff! Buses can bring out the human side of us. Whether that is the crazy or the compassionate!

Hoff The Beaten Path

Any metro rider has had this experience.  A mom and her child board the bus, and the little one is restless and squirmy.  He starts to babble loudly, and then begins to scream.  Despite the mom’s best efforts, her child breaks into a full blown tantrum.  The cries echo through the bus and thoroughly disrupt everyone on board.  Passengers roll their eyes, and some even make comments to the parent about needing to gain control of the kid.

It can’t be easy bringing a small child onto the metro.  Subways and buses are filled with chaos and potentially dangerous situations.  Parents with small kids not only have to worry about carrying little Sally or Bobby, but often strollers and diaper bags.  These items are definitely not easy to carry on the metro.  If the parent has multiple children, the situation is made twice as stressful.

Last week, I was on…

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