These are the books we have read and discussed previously.

Pocket Guide to Los Angeles Architecture – Judith McBrien

Geography of Nowhere – James Kunstler

Home from Nowhere – James Kunstler

Suburban Nation – Andres Duany

Sidewalks in the Kingdom – Eric Jacobsen

Pedaling Revolution – Jeff Mapes

The Space Between – Eric Jacobsen

The Death and Life of Great American Cities – Jane Jacobs

The City in Mind – James Kunstler

Walking Los Angeles – Erin Mahoney Harris

The Long Emergency – James Kunstler

Los Angeles – Reyner Banham

Planning Los Angeles – David Sloane Ed.

The Kunstler Cast – Duncan Crary

The End of the Suburbs – Leigh Gallagher

The New Urbanism: Toward and Architecture of Community – Peter Katz

If Cars Could Talk – William Fain

Too Much Magic – James Kunstler

The Reluctant Metropolis – William Fulton

Walkable City – Jeff Speck


Currently Reading

The Good City and the Good Life – Daniel Kemmis


On the shelf to read:

City of Quartz – Mike Davis

Southern California, an Island on the Land –Carey McWilliams

Renewing the City – Robert Lupton

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