Come Join the 2nd Annual PASTY WALK

A Walking Tour of Local Bakeries.

Saturday OCT 26 at 10am

walking pastry


We will start at Sycamore Kitchen

Head to Susina Bakery & Cafe

Then down to La Brea Bakery

Then end at Twist (Which has delicious lunch options if you are carb filled)


The missions is simple: have a good time walking around the neighborhood enjoying pastries.  It’s like a morning version of a pub crawl.  It’s like an art walk, but the definition of art is so narrowly focused it only includes the art of baking.

The point is to help out these local businesses.  So please tweet your support of each bakery, check in facebook, review it on yelp, whatever you do, do it to support these cool little places.  #PastryWalk2013

You can find us on twitter and facebook

And this event is being sponsored by other event: The New Urbanism Film Festival.

Also on twitter and facebook.


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